We are a  brother and sister creative team,  with over 40 years of combined experience .  We
come from a family of artists so we feel we came by our talent divinely and genetically. Being
raised in Europe and South America  helped give us our unique approach to all things creative.  
We spent many years apart and each carved out our own niche in the art world on opposite
coasts. We finally decided to join forces in 1996 and combine our talents. We realized that
together,  there were no limits to what we could do creatively.
We like to call it  " Sibling Artistry ".  

We take on each new project with child like enthusiasm.  We do what we do because it brings
us JOY !!!

Our clients are as divers as our creativity:  museums, resorts, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs,
theme parks, entertainment centers, doctors offices, retail stores, television, large events,
celebrities as well as residential homes...

We work with all budgets with equal enthusiasm.

HENIGMAN ART provides professional consulting to help you identify your needs, develop
goals, and evaluate your options. We can share our information through creative development.
Advising and educating is one of our primary purposes to serve you, " the client " so that qualified
decisions can be made about a pending project. We will be happy to help any way we can with a
variety of ideas and options for your  project.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about an existing
project for our professional consulting services.

Most individuals don't know where to begin to look for their creative needs. figuring out Media, styles
or design to go with an existing project or architecture can be exhausting. This  task can seem
HENIGMAN ART hopes to help alleviate this undue stress by offering its
headache- free services. We have a reputation of staying on budget and meeting deadlines.
Daniel Henigman’s artwork is as diverse as his artistic career,  and as dynamic as he is.
Descending from a family of artists, Daniel grew up in Europe and South America.
His Mother Shirley Safford Henigman-Long is an accomplished Portrait  and Impressionist  
artist and an art instructor. Theses experiences enabled him to be surrounded by art in it’s
many forms.  He truly lives life through the eyes of an artist, interpreting everyday objects,
pop culture and iconographic figures alike, with his original extraordinary  talent.   He
constantly changes his style,  evolving and mastering every medium and technique he pours himself into.

He combines the artistic and cultural elements experienced from his world travels achieving
an exotically strange beauty with juxtapose and intrigue.  His passion for excitingly unusual
people and places combined, with the elements of sensuality and cultural imagery gives
Daniel an eclectic and prolific portfolio of work.

He has donated his time as well as talents to many charities including the Power Heroes Cerebral Palsy
International Research Foundation, American Cancer Society, Aid Atlanta, Toy for Tots, Project Open
Hand, Haiti disaster relief, Pediatric AIDS foundation, Masterworks Inc, as well as many others.  This charity
work continues to be a growing part of Daniel’s journey.

His work, design and installations have been commissioned by private collectors, designers,
celebrities, top nightclubs, hotels, restaurants, doctors' offices all over the U.S.

He is currently being featured on Work Of Genius- a reality docu-series art competition on NewsmaxTV

Illustrations, make-up, body painting, clothing, furniture design & painting, event decor,
and commercial and residential themed interiors.

He has relocated to Los Angeles from the east coast and is constantly and optimistically
looking for new ways to express himself creatively.

Daniel has recently finished filming a new style documentary reality series in which he was
one of 12 international artists profiled called "Work of Genius" For North and South
American Distribution.
Angie Henigman
       Born into an artistic family on both her Father and Mothers' sides. As far as she can remember her
Mother painted and taught classes in the home.  This enabled her to be surrounded by constant
creativity.  They collaborated in painting murals and local art festivals.  Angela received an excellence in
art award by Peter Ustinov at her graduation ceremony from College Du Leman International Boarding
School located in Versoix Switzerland.
      After graduating and returning from overseas she began choosing art related employment throughout
her young adult years.  She  settled into Picture framing and opened a gallery and frame studio in Mesa
Arizona where she spent years perfecting her painting styles and working on commissions. Angela also
spent time as a watercolor line painter for a large Company in Phoenix and eventually ended up in Idaho
as a sign painter and commission artist.  Working on large scale painting projects such as billboards gave
her the skill set to apply it to murals. Living out west gave Angela her love and proficiency in Landscapes
and making up worlds in her work.
      She went to Macon Georgia where she was hired to paint a mural for the Georgia Music Hall of Fame
and relocated to be closer to family. After Relocating to Georgia she reconnected with her youngest
brother Daniel Henigman and their mutual love of art and career paths were the beginnings of a 25 plus
years collaboration in art .  Angela likes to call this "Sibling Artistry" Their venture has taken them  from
coast to coast with murals and decorative art projects across the United States and internationally.
      Presently she is happy to have shared the Work of Genius, reality docu-series  which featured her
Brother Daniel as one of 12 artist chosen from thousands!    She is excited to see where this takes her